Who is the Grip Guy?🤔

Howdy! Welcome to the Gymnastics Express Blog!😀

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So, where to start with blog number one??! 

I thought a good place might be by introducing myself and explaining why I’m called The Grip Guy!

I'm Neil Wilton, the MD of Gymnastics Express, 

(the UK's No.1 manufacturer & distributor of gymnastic grips & protection products).

It recently occurred to me that our customers might wonder why I'm called "The Grip Guy"...

I am involved in Gymnastics, but you won't find me hanging from the Rings or performing on the High Bar!!!

You see, I'm not a gymnast - never have been and never will be...

…let me explain. 😊 

I'm an engineer with a passion for solving problems and helping people - especially gymnasts.👯 
My father, Ian Wilton, sold the first magnesium carbonate "Chalk" to gyms in the UK, over 35 years ago!

During these visits, coaches would say "this chalk is great, but do you know where we can get hand protectors for our gymnasts?".

Ian was a good listener and took great satisfaction from helping solve gymnast’s problems.
Together we worked on making and continually improving gymnastic equipment.

Sadly, Ian is no longer with us, but his legacy lives on as I continue product development with my team here at Gymnastic Express in the North East.

Many American and European customers who buy our handguards call them grips, and they often refer to me as The Grip Guy, it's kind of stuck!

So... I'm "The Grip Guy", here to help all of you Gym folk, maybe for another 35 years!👨

Thanks for reading.